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Rasayan Inc.: Executive Summary

Rasayan is a biotech startup specializing in the supply of high quality custom nucleic acid raw materials for use in drug discovery and diagnostic methods based upon DNA and RNA technologies. The company is led by Dr. Yogesh Sanghvi, a former scientific director with 20 years experience, 130 publications, and 40 U.S. patents in this field.


The last decade has witnessed extraordinary progress in the sequencing of the human genome and those of other model organisms. This advent has revolutionized biological sciences, drug discovery and the development of novel therapeutics. These advances could not have been possible without the science of nucleic acids and ability to make synthetic DNA and RNA using automated synthesizers. The fuel for the success of the biotechnology industry is derived from nucleic acids. Recently, RNA interference (RNAi) technology has proven to be an extremely powerful tool in drug development and target validation. As a result, the biotech industry has seen a rise in the number of oligonucleotide based clinical trials utilizing antisense, ribozymes, aptamers, spieglmers, CpG and RNAi. In order to deliver therapeutics and diagnostic methods based on DNA and RNA technologies, access to cost-effective and high quality raw materials will be essential.

Rasayan Products & Services

Rasayan will provide a fully integrated outsourcing program of these raw materials that enables pharmaceutical industries to create new drugs and diagnostic companies to deliver new test methods in a worry free environment. Rasayan is a "one-stop-shop" for all nucleic acids related raw materials and building blocks, both natural and modified. The distinguishing characteristics of Rasayan will be custom synthesis of high quality nucleic acids at an affordable cost.

Rasayan has perfected unique manufacturing processes resulting in lower costs and established a network of strategic alliances with numerous manufacturing companies throughout Asia where all of our products will be manufactured. These companies have the capabilities to ascend from laboratory scale to commercial scale in accordance with cGMP specifications. Rasayan management has both the experience and expertise in creating a seamless supply of raw materials using the above channels for all nucleic acid based companies.

Rasayan Strategy

Our strategy is to be focused 100% on the services and products related to DNA and RNA market. We will offer the best, most highly personalized service in the marketplace we serve. Especially being small and owner operated, we intend to use this to our advantage to be absolutely certain that every one of our customers receives only excellent service, best quality and low-cost products. We will go out of our way to make sure that our customers know that they truly matter to us. For example, we will work with each customer suggesting them ways to reduce waste and increase their efficiency in conducting research. All of our customers will get free consultation for their needs from Yogesh based on his long-standing experience in this field.

We are a start-up, incorporated in May 2003 in the State of California. The principle owner is Yogesh Sanghvi whose title is President and who has had over twenty years of experience in the DNA and RNA industry with contacts and networking abilities all over the world. Other key personnel include Alpa Sanghvi, his spouse who has had many years of marketing and customer service experience in the biotech industry. The success of our business will be largely a result of a strong knowledge-based management team with thirty years of combined experience and established track record in the biotech industry. Rasayan will be a niche player in the specialty nucleic acids business, focusing on value-added products, which are not widely or readily available in the United States..

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Rasayan Inc.
Yogesh S. Sanghvi, Ph.D.

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2802 Crystal Ridge Road
Encinitas, CA 92024-6615 U.S.A.

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